To The Zoo

My daughters had another vacation a couple of weeks ago, so we went to the zoo. A zoo that not only accomodates present-day animals but also offers a home to some (fake, of course) pre historic specimens.  Unfortunately my daughters only could visit the dino park together with their parents, because a dino egg that was on the edge of hatching was stolen by a nutty professor. His plan was to clone the dino that was inside to make a lot of money with it. After a lot of puzzle solving and searching our 'expedition' was lucky enough to find the egg and steal it back from the professor, but we heard his hysterical laugh in the forest all the time. It was not before we brought the egg back to the scientists that my youngest daughter could relax. Good job of the employees of the dino park, because apparantly it all seems very real for kids!

Bringing Home the Tree

Now that Sinterklaas has left the country, setting sail back to Spain, all Sinterklaas decoration are gone and I've started decorating for Christmas (does it ever end?). I want to keep it simple, I don't like to overdo it when it comes to Christmas. 
The first thing I made this morning, is the lantern with the 'car that brings home the tree' in it. Not original at all, I know, but I just like it so much! Christmas without a tree isn't really Christmas, after all. To bring home the tree and set it up in the house, is the start of Christmas.


My Sinterklaas Hot Chocolate was featured by Embracing Change, by Two Chicks and a Mom, and by The Cottage Market!

Thank you, Stacey, Sherry and Andrea!

Made It! #44

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make a recipe of my boards every week. Since I have lots of recipes pinned (that, until now, I just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards~  
Last week I told you about the Spanish Tortilla and that I was looking forward to make it. When I'm at Menorca with my family, we eat tortilla a lot, so making a tortilla here at home, brings a lot of good memories. 
The tortilla I made this week tasted exactly as I expected, so a big YES for this recipe! So super delicious with some aioli!

For next week I've chosen this Biscotti Recipe with Cranberries and Pistachios, because I have a lot of cranberries left from a garland I made with them for one of our Christmas Trees. And because biscotti make me think of Sicily, where we went last year for a short vacation.

Sinterklaas Cake

Tomorrow, the 6th of December, it's Sinterklaas's birthday, Sinterklaas being the thousands of years old bishop who's giving away presents and sweets for his birthday. Tonight his birthday will be celebrated by giving each other lots of presents (children believing it's the Saint who's giving the presents). In The Netherlands, where I live, Sinterklaas's birthday is celebrated extensively, especially by people with kids. Santaklaus doesn't play a big role in this country. Of course Christmas is celebrated, but here it has more to do with the birth of Christ than with Santaklaus.

My daughters and their class first will welcome Sinterklaas at school this morning. The youngest kids will get presents, but the oldest had to make a 'surprise' in the last couple of weeks for someone in their class (chosen by drawing a name from a bucket full pieces of paper with the names of all children in class on it). The intention is to craft something around a litte …

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

A month or two ago I was in a Lalylala flow and crocheted lots of her patterns, that I purchased on Etsy. After that I found The Velvet Acorn, another lovely Etsy store, and started knitting sweaters. But since a couple of weeks Lalylala has a book published and as it comes to crochet I think it's one of the cutest books ever seen. And really original. No pages full with amigurumi (although I do like a nice amigurumi every now and then), but a book full of crocheted bugs. So I had to start crocheting again.
The first thing I made from the book was this butterfly! It's not just a butterfly, but the whole metamorphosis from egg to butterfly is worked out in patterns. Love it! 

Basic pattern is the caterpillar and wings, egg, cocoon and hat with antennas are all adjustable. 

Caterpillar in egg

Caterpillar in cocoon before metamorphosis

After metamorphosis: a beautiful Papilio ulysses

My story about Sinterklaas and the Hot Chocolate that comes with it, was featured by Shabb…